As in any tasting, our senses adapt to what is being presented to them : therefore, if we start with a very bitter beer, the following beers will seem more bland. We will rather start with softer beers in taste (white, blond, lager) to gradually move to more malty beers, stronger in alcohol.


The tasting of a beer always starts by its observation. We will first pour the beer in the appropriate glass, making sure to form a generous foam head. That is when the pleasure of the senses begins : observe the colour of the beer, its nuances, its clarity, the holding of the foam. We will thus appreciate the beautiful amber colour of a red, the light veil of a white, or the creamy foam of a black.


It is well known, the tasting goes mainly through the sense of smell! The aromas of a beer prepare our taste buds for its more complex flavours, acting as a validation to move on to the next stage. Here is the time to play with our glass, to gently spin the beer to let escape its subtle notes. Breathe deeply through your nose to try to pinpoint what aromas come out. Is it a rather malty beer that brings out notes of caramel, bread, roasted cereal? Or a rather hoppy beer, with hints of citrus, resin, tropical fruit? This is just the beginning of the adventure...


We are almost there! Drink a good sip of beer, taking your time and taking into account your impressions. It is at this stage that the tastes of the beer stand out: bitterness, sweetness, acidity, sometimes even salty notes! Finally, we evaluate the full potential of the beer, with all the nuances that compose it. Take your time, let the beer slowly warm up, this is how the aromas unfold the best.